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Financial Wellness as a Benefit

Financial Wellness as a Benefit

For organizations looking to add a stand-alone Financial Wellness benefit to help employees make better financial decisions over time

Why Financial Wellness?

Employees are looking to their employer for help:


Employees consistently rate personal financial stress at the top of their list of concerns. 1


Employees cite financial stress as a major contributor for low mental health that impacts their productivity at work. 2


Employers, now more than ever, must offer employees an engaging work-life experience supported by attractive benefits to hire and retain good employees.

Why most Financial Wellness programs fail:


Financial Wellness  offered through a 401(k), standalone digital financial education platforms, or ad-hoc financial workshops. This is a band-aid approach.


Current programs aren’t connecting the dots for employees in their personal financial lives.  This leads to low engagement.


Personal financial situations are complicated, and many employees need a licensed professional to help.


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A Financial Wellness Benefit – Optimized

Enter… Bridge Financial Wellness

A Stand-Alone Financial Wellness Program

Your 401(k) provider doesn't count. We believe that offering a separate, comprehensive, education-based Financial Wellness benefit can help 'bridge' all benefits at work to employees' personal lives.

Fiduciary Partnership

By having an independent, fiduciary, Financial Advisor (or team of) helping drive the benefits of the company will lead to increased utilization of all benefits and satisfaction among employees.

Live Workshops

Live financial education workshops are customized to integrate and highlight the value of a company’s benefits package while educating employees on holistic financial planning topics.

BRIDGE the gap between employer benefits and employee concerns.

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